Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Borders

When are our representatives going to get it? We, the voting American citizens, don't want a pacifist plan that makes millions of illegals legal! We want our borders SECURED. Some have said that a wall would not work. Actually, they have said that nothing will work, but I disagree. Are we not even going to try to do something? Oh, wait...I forgot...the virtual wall is going to be constructed. To paraphrase Rush, if a virtual wall is so secure and so effective, let them install one around the White House. Tear down the fences that are there now, and put up a virtual fence. It makes a place secure, right?

So when are we going to take back our country? When are we going to rise up and DO something about illegal aliens that are draining our system, straining our resources and polluting our neighborhoods? The politicians want to say that "they just want to assimilate", but I say hogwash! None of these politicians have to live next to any illegals, but I do. I see how one family (with 5 kids) moves into a 1,200 square foot house and before long, you have at least two other, complete families living there, too!

I see how each adult apparently has to own their own car, so there's no room for anyone else in the neighborhood to park. I also see people I know getting in trouble, even going to jail for not carrying insurance, having proper tags and inspection, and having an expired driver's license, yet nothing happens to these illegals. How does that work?

How do people that are here ILLEGALLY (hence, they are criminals) get away with not obtaining valid items such as these? Why are they allowed to live off of welfare programs that WE pay for with OUR tax dollars? Why is it every time I'm in line at the grocery store, I see illegals paying for groceries with food cards from the government? It's sickening.

One last thing, if these people are "undocumented", how are we supposed to collect fines and back taxes on them, if the President's plan is approved? And if give them just a simple slap on the hand, make them pay a little money, then they're legal, what's that going to do to illegal immigration? The gates will be wide open then, my friend. It will be the end of America as we know it. I always supported Bush, but he's gone too far in allowing this pervasive, serious problem persist. It needs to end, and it needs to end NOW!


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